Comprehensive Transplant Centre, Cluj

  • Client: Cluj County Council

The Comprehensive Transplant Centre will be part of the structure of the Cluj County Emergency Clinical Hospital. The project has a strong innovative character, aiming to design and execute the first transplant centre in the country that accommodates all the necessary facilities for four types of transplant: heart transplant, lung transplant, liver transplant and kidney transplant.

The construction of a multi-organ transplant centre in Cluj-Napoca is an approach that supports the growing need for these life-saving surgeries for those who are at an terminal stage of an organ disease. It takes into account both the geographical factor and the fact that the few active transplant centres in the country cannot support the transplant activity under optimal conditions and cannot meet the growing need for solid organ transplant surgeries.

The project of the Comprehensive Transplant Centre brings along the opportunity to provide an example of good practices both in terms of medical architecture and with regard to the insertion of a volume of contemporary architecture in a historical, heterogeneous site.

The project received an Honourable Mention.

Key Figures

Location: Cluj, Romania
Area: 26570 sq m
Capacity: No of beds 307
Phase: competition
Functional Structure: The spatial-functional structure of the centre is determined by the four types of transplant that will be performed in this unit, namely: heart transplant, lung transplant, liver transplant and kidney transplant. The Comprehensive Transplant Centre will have 307 beds for continuous hospitalization and 12 beds for day hospitalization. The centre will be organized into four main departments, with the related wards and departments, to which a package of commonly used functions will be added:

  • Anaesthesia and Intensive Care unit, with the wards related to each pathology
  • common medical functions (operating unit, imaging, pharmacy, etc.)
  • spaces dedicated to research and education
  • administrative, technical and logistical spaces

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