Shahat Ent Hospital Libya

  • Client: Libya Government

In 2013 we were requested to participate as project manager/general manager with a hospital development project awarded by Libyan government to a Libyan Company. This project is an E.N.T. Center specialized in cochlear implantation. Our achievements are the architectural/ medical design including medical flows: patients, medical staff, visitors, food, waste, equipment list, maintenance plan, furniture plan, installations: electrical, HVAC, medical gases, system and operational procedures etc and leading the activity for at least 24 month.

Key Figures

Location: Shahat, Libya
Area: 1900 sq m
Capacity: No of beds (including ICU beds) 16, operating theaters 2
Phase: under development
Functional Structure: Cochlear implant center- E.N.T. for adults and children, Intensive Care Unit
Outpatient function: E.N.T. outpatient clinic, Audiology, Radiology-Imaging

Provided services:

Architectural plans (including medical flows, technical and functional project, specific furniture plan) in collaboration with Exhibit Arhitectura
Detailed design themes for special projects
Specialist project coordination
Consultancy for material acquisition, for specific medical duties
Acquisitions for medical and functional equipment
Feasibility study and business plan


The project was developed in collaboration with EXHIBIT ARHITECTURA.

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