St. Constantin Private Hospital Brasov Romania

  • Client: Teo Health

Key Figures

Location: Brasov, Romania
Area: 8000 sq m
Capacity: No of beds (including ICU beds) 150, operating theaters 5
Phase: completed in 2011
Functional Structure: Spinal neurosurgery (outpatient care and surgery), Urology (outpatient care and surgery), E.N.T. for adults and children (outpatient care and surgery, including audiology), Medical oncology (diagnosis, chemotherapy), General surgery, including laparoscopic. LESS and bariatric surgery, Plastic and aesthetic surgery, Orthopedics – Arthroscopy, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Intensive Care Unit
Outpatient function: Integrated ambulatory, Radiology-Imaging, Lab
NB: parking facilities, pharmacy, commercial and banking facilities, restaurant

Provided Services:

Architectural plans (including medical flows, technical and functional project, specific furniture plan)
Project management of construction
Detailed design themes for special projects
Specialist project coordination
Consultancy for material acquisition, for specific medical duties
Acquisitions for medical and functional equipment
Recruitment of key and support medical personnel
Contracting with the national insurance system
Feasibility study and business plan

Project Description:

Located in the central area of Brasov, next to the main business and administrative headquarters, St. Constantin Hospital fully occupies the site of a former cosmetics factory. It is the largest private hospital in the region and one of the largest private hospitals in Romania. The site underwent a process of complete redesign during the summer of 2010, transforming the location into a modern and convenient space, suitable for medical facilities. This project design follows the guidelines of international quality standards for medical facilities and sets the grounds for one of the most important medical institutions in Romania. St. Constantin Hospital differs from any other conventional hospitals in Romania in that its facilities are specifically designed to meet international quality standards.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT St. Constantin Hospital benefits from state-of-the art technology, quality medical equipment manufactured by worldwide leaders in the field, among which we mention STORZ, ZEISS, DRAEGER, GENERAL ELECTRIC, VALLEYLAB, GETINGE and other top brands.

CONTEXT In order to receive quality medical care, Romanian patients often travel abroad for diagnosis and treatment or turn to private clinics in the Capital city. Thus, the opening of a multidisciplinary private hospital in the area was more than welcomed by both patients and medical staff.

FIELDS OF ACTIVITY St. Constantin Hospital provides quality medical services, in a safe and comfortable environment, in the following departments:

PATIENT FACILITIES The hospital’s main goal is the patients’ feeling of safety and comfort. Patients who come to St. Constantin Hospital are kindly welcomed and offered flawless accommodation conditions and services, in two-bed wards with all the necessary facilities for comfort and safety: LCD-TV, wireless Internet connection, AC/heating, comfortable beds with multiple options, nurse calling system, monitoring equipment, en-suite private bathroom

MEDICAL STAFF The medical staff of St. Constantin Hospital was chosen from among the best practitioners in the area and benefits from continuous training and specialization.

In the early stages of the project, the first step was to gather the best medical team to meet high requirements. In December 2010, as the hospital location was almost complete, medical equipment was installed and the recruiting process for the other categories of medical staff was started. By March 2011, almost 80% of the necessary staff was already hired and trained. The recruiting process continued through the following months, according to the gradual growth of the activity in the hospital.

QUALITY HEALTHCARE The final and one of the most important stages of the project represented the design of the Quality Management System, with four main objectives:

–      Validation of operating rooms sector in compliance with ISO 14644 for Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments
–      Accreditation of the hospital by the Romanian National Commission for Hospital Accreditation
–      ISO 9001 quality certification (Certificate awarded in Dec. 2011 by Tüv Thüringen )
–      Setting a benchmark for healthcare services in Romania, by promoting good medical practices and innovative medical procedures

The primary goal of St. Constantin Hospital is to provide quality medical care, integrating modern treatment methods and the latest developments in the field of surgical procedures. It aims to bring innovation by introducing the latest medical procedures and performing national premiere surgeries. The hospital’s environment and medical circuits are under a continuous evaluation and improvement process in accordance to the latest standards.

Special sterility conditions ensured in the operating rooms meet international standards for clean rooms and air purity, that includes specific filters, strict sterilization and disinfection procedures, the policy of prohibiting access in operating areas without wearing sterile equipment and the overall policy for hospital infection prevention, is a warranty for the total security of the surgical act.


The project was developed in collaboration with TOP-FORM.

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